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T316 Gas Struts for Hatches

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Price range of stock stainless steel T316 gas struts with T316 ball end fittings

brushed assy
stock part number (cylinder OD, stroke) extended length, max design pressure
GS-10-30-CC-V4A M3.5×90° 128mm ball to ball ctrs, 75N
GS-12-40-CC-V4A M3.5×90° 148mm ball to ball ctrs, 135N
GS-15-50-BB-V4A M5x90° 178mm ball to ball ctrs, 300N
GS-15-80-BB-V4A M5x90° 238mm ball to ball ctrs, 300N
GS-19-100-BB-V4A M8x90° 324mm ball to ball ctrs, 525N
GS-19-150-BB-V4A M8x90° 424mm ball to ball ctrs, 525N
GS-22-200-BB-V4A M8x90° 524mm ball to ball ctrs, 800N
GS-22-250-BB-V4A M8x90° 624mm ball to ball ctrs, 800N
GS-28-300-BB-V4A M10x90° 732mm ball to ball ctrs, 1900N
GS-28-350-BB-V4A M10x90° 832mm ball to ball ctrs, 1900N
GS-28-400-BB-V4A M10x90° 932mm ball to ball ctrs, 1800N

1. prices shown above effective for 2019
2. polished stainless steel struts available but not in stock

We can also provide:

Choice of power, Gas , Electric, Hydraulic

Can be applied to new build or retrofit installations

Large range of stock struts for strokes between 50mm and 400mm with end fittings & mounting brackets

Fully T316 stainless steel products with choice of brushed or mirror polished finish