Before collecting the information needed to use our Strut Selector you will need to register on the website, please take the time to fill in all the fields where appropriate, those fields marked with an * must be filled in, when you have submitted your details you will be returned to this page.

When your registration is approved you will be able to access the configurator from the menu

Struts can be selected for 3 types of hatch as shown in the images below :

  • Composite Hatches with no gutter
  • Composite Hatches with a gutter
  • Aluminium Hatches

Hatch Struts can be of Normal or Over Center orientation and can be fastened at either end of the hatch or both ends at your preference, please click on any image to enlarge it.

Composite Hatch No Gutter Normal Struts
Composite Hatch No Gutter Normal Struts
Composite Hatch with Gutter Over Center Struts
Composite Hatch with Gutter Over Center Struts
Aluminium Hatch Normal Struts
Aluminium Hatch Normal Struts

There are certain assumptions that we have to make when selecting a strut for you:

  • The hatch center of gravity is assumed to be near half way between hinge and latch edge and halfway between each side, please advise if any heavy items such as latching systems are located on one side.
  • The shape of the hatch is assumed to be rectangular
  • The hatch shape does not alter during opening/closing

The Gas Strut calculations and positioning are based on Accurate Customer Supplied Information.

All struts are supplied with 90 degree ball end fittings at both ends in 316 Stainless Steel Made in the EU & Distributed from the UK.

Medium and low strength brackets are available in Stainless Steel (mirror polished), Aluminium (anodized) or Composite.

Lead time will be based on specifications and quantity required (A range of Stock Struts are always available)

Measurements Required

Take the above measurements for the hatch opening and note them down

The Hatch cannot open more than 90 degrees, if you need a support to achieve this please contact us as this requires additional calculations

The Reveal Gap should be consistent all around the hatch.

To obtain the hatch weight:

Either remove hatch from frame and weigh in Kg

Or with hatch in situ on a horizontal surface lift the (unsupported hatch, no gas struts) hatch edge with scales and find the opening weight in Kg, multiply the opening weight by 2 for hatch weight.

Please indicate the desired lift to open and pull to close effort in Kg (3-20 Kg)

Here is a list in MS Word and as a Pdf for you to download and fill in at your convenience